Sunday, February 29, 2004

Ja: Taxing your arse to death

DIRECTOR-GENERAL for Tax Administration, Clive Nicholas is reminding persons who live in Jamaica but work abroad that they are required to pay taxes on their world income and need to file returns by March 15.

Explaining, the Director-General said that persons who reside in Jamaica on a part-time basis but work abroad on occasion, were required by law to include all their income, even foreign earnings, when computing their taxes.

"In other words," Mr. Nicholas said, "if you work six months in Jamaica and you are a resident here and you go abroad for three months and you work an income, you have to file your returns on the 15th of March."

This is the thing about governments, they'll tax your arse to death; then they'll tax your heirs who inherit the dregs of your assets after your death.


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