Friday, February 27, 2004

Ja: Yield on homosexual "marriage" or lose tourist dollars

Dennie Quill seems to think that the Caribbean should alter its moral standards and laws to accommodate changes in American social culture.

A large number of North Americans visit Jamaican each year and they are the mainstay of the tourism industry. Many come here to get married, while others spend their honeymoon in paradise. My concern is how do our hotel administrators and workers deal with consenting adults whose bedroom conduct runs counter to Jamaican law and is considered illegal?

And when these married couples are refused entry to our hotels or we label these lovers, criminals, what are the repercussions for Jamaica?

The tourism industry of the Caribbean should see this as an important issue for the key players to meet and find consensus, because the unilateral action of one territory may result in too many ruffled feathers flying in the wind, or worse.

Quill seems to believe that the tourist dollar is more important than a society's values. Question to Quill: when NAMBLA's (North American Man Boy Love Association) activities become legitimised, as it will surely be in the wake of homosexual "marriage", will Caribbean countries have to permit pedophiles to have sex with children in order to ensure the in-flow of tourist dollars, too?


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