Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Dca: The Chinese connection -- bought with a price

There are three news clips worth combining. This one, 3/29/04:

Following establishment of diplomatic relations with the PR of China, they will fund the following projects: renovation of the Windor Park Stadium; rehabilition of the Roseau to Portsmouth road, major upgrade to the Princess Margaret Hospital. Source: Marpin TV News.
This, 3/29/04:
Of the benefits to be had with China is EC$300M grant funds for which four projects are already scheduled. Of the 4 projects comes the construction of the Windsor Park which is to begin before Independence of 2004. Source: DBS Radio.
Also, this, 3/29/04:
PM Skerrit, on behalf of Da has officially broken ties with Taiwan and has formally established ties with the People's Rep. on China, stating that there is only one China and that it is too big to be ignored. Source: DBS Radio.
Money definitely talks. So much for allies. This does not augur well for any of Dominica's regional allies should a large enough country, bearing gifts, make Dominica an offer she can't refuse.

Furthermore, it looks like Chinese influence is spreading throughout the Caribbean region, the same way it is in Africa. Cause for concern? Yes. Freedom is not a value in China.


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