Friday, March 26, 2004

Dca: Hard work pays

90 farmers who were given eviction notice from Crompton Point, have been granted permisssion to cont their work. This because of high yields with their bananas and the fact that they're young and determined.They were granted permission by the min for Agri Source: DBS Radio
A citrus virus which was discovered in Da since 1996 has now affected 95% of the citrus in the south of the island. Techniques to identify and confirm the presence of the disease are being implemented however, root stalks are being imported to combat it. Source: DBS Radio
Also this on the brain drain:

It has been stated that though migration of nurses dates back from the 1980s, from 2000 -2003 there have been a 11% decrease in the number of nurses at the PMH. It is said that this severely hampers the quality of health care at the PMH. Source: DBS Radio


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