Saturday, March 20, 2004

U.S.: How to make sure that no country in the Caribbean is bombed by Islamists

Michael Costello, "A target no matter how we stand" appeared in The Australian yesterday, 19 March, 2004. Costello wrote:

SO. What would we have to do to get rid of the threat of terrorism from al-Qa'ida? Pulling out of Iraq would not begin to be enough.

Here are some of the demands spelled out by Osama bin Laden and the head of Jemaah Islamiah, Abu Bakar Bashir:
Pull out of the UN;

Pull out of the US alliance;

Return East Timor to Islamic rule;

Support the return of the extreme form of Islamic rule to the following: Afghanistan, Southern Spain, southern Philippines, southern Thailand, Malaysia, significant parts of China, many of the republics created from the former Soviet Union and, of course, all of North Africa and the Middle East;

Drive the Jews of Israel into the sea;

Persecute homosexuals;

Ban alcohol;

Prevent women working or being educated, or appearing in public without full covering dress;

Require women to obey men.
No decent nation could accept any or all of these.

That's what makes this whole debate about whether our participation in the attack on Iraq increased the terrorist threat to Australia so absurd.

What bin Laden has been saying since September 11 makes clear that we were a terrorist target even before then.

Our alliance with the US, indeed the very fact we are a western nation, made us one. These are his words, not my assertions.
It's particularly foolish of Prime Minister John Howard to act as though the second Iraq war has nothing to do with the terrorist threat. It does.

But it did not create that terrorist threat. Like our involvement in Afghanistan, it really only confirmed it. If we were to pull out tomorrow, that is not going to solve our problem.

And what is the problem? War has been declared on us by religious fanatics who are prepared to wage that war without limit.

Again, you only have to read bin Laden's and Bashir's words to know this. For example, bin Laden says the "killing of British and Australians in the Bali explosions were actions carried out by the zealous sons of Islam in defence of their religion and in response to the order of their God" - November 12, 2002.

And again: "Carrying out terrorism against the oppressors is one of the tenets of our religion and Shari'ah." On November 3, he said: "This war is fundamentally religious." Further: "Under no circumstances should we forget this enmity between us and the infidels. For the enmity is based on creed." And again on the same day: "This war is fundamentally religious," and "It is a question of faith, not a war against terrorism."
Instead of arguing over whether, or how much, Australia's involvement in Iraq has increased the threat to Australia, Howard should simply tell Australians the sober truth.

That truth is that we face an enemy whose every word and deed shows it is uninterested in anything but complete surrender from those it regards as its enemies, of which Australia is one; that it will use indiscriminate terror against its enemies, and Australia is likely to suffer a heavy terrorist attack at some time, possibly close to the next election; that we cannot and will not surrender to terror, or the threat of terror; and that our people must unite for a long, wearing, grinding struggle to find, capture or, as a last resort, kill those who would kill us. This is the harsh truth of our times.
Compliments of DhimmiWatch.

Now, where is the Caribbean and Caricom going to stand with regard to this? How much is Michael Burke willing to pay so Jamaica will not be bombed?

Me? I would want T&T to pay not a single cent; to yield not an inch, but to fight for the freedom of all men.

Life without freedom is worth nothing. The only bondage that is acceptable is bondage to Christ Jesus, and in Christian bondage is the ultimate liberty.


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