Sunday, March 21, 2004

U.S.: C-SPAN airs Kerry's anti-war testimony

John Effin Kerry, who, by the way, served in Viet Nam, will have his anti-war testimony before the Senate broadcast on C-SPAN. This broadcast will, by the way, serve to remind the nation that Kerry defamed the men who served in 'Nam. For, if Kerry spoke the truth about the actions of U.S. soldier in Viet Nam, then he, as an officer, was obliged to report any and all war crimes, under the Geneva Convention and the U.S. Military Code of Justice. Kerry did not, and, if the allegations were true, his silence alone makes him unfit to lead a platoon, much less a country. Moreover, the men whose testimonies Kerry used to support his anti-war rhetoric have had their claims of serving in Viet Nam descredited.

John Kerry’s controversial anti-Vietnam testimony is taking one step closer to haunting him during his presidential bid.

C-SPAN has announced that it plans to present it Sunday night at 6:30 and 9:30PM EST.


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