Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Atg: Law must rule

Attorney John Fuller will be appealing the recent judgement handed down by Justice Ian "Don" Mitchell against his client Asot Michael.

In the recent judgement, Justice Mitchell found the action of Michael was oppressive and arbitrary, while holding the position of Minister of Public Works, to reportedly cut and bulldoze the road leading to a hotel development without involving the Cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda.

"The judgement that was handed down against the government of Antigua & Barbuda, Minister Asot Michael and six other defendants by Justice Mitchell involves amongst other things a judgement for damages against my client Mr. Michael.
Michael reportedly cut a new road against a hotel development - Astra Holdings - to divert traffic from entering his property. The court awarded general and exemplary damages in the sum of $500,000 against Michael for the use of government property and for trespassing on the property of Astra Holdings at Laurie's Bay, Willikies.

The former Attorney-General Gerthel Thom has to pay nominal damage in the amount of $500 plus costs.


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