Thursday, April 29, 2004

Bdos: Missing the mark

Sudan’s Islamic government, officially listed as a sponsor of terrorism, would be an ideal target for the world’s wrath, but it escapes censure from the West’s noisiest black activists despite enslaving of Christians and animists for more than two decades. Others, including moderate Blacks, describe it as one of the world’s greatest atrocities. A news item broadcast on just a few African radio stations, carried on the BBC, Barbadian media networks and reported in this newspaper on Saturday, could have gone much further. Perhaps the details are too revolting, even though UNICEF itself declined to elaborate to the extent that the pricks of conscience are currently forcing many enlightened Africans to do.
How could the writer address the issue of slavery in Africa and not focus on the role of Islam until the end? Even then, the writer does not even touch on the issue of Islamic genocide against Christians and animists in Africa. What about the millions of lives lost and shattered by Islamic jihad in the Sudan? Too, too, too delicate.


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