Thursday, April 15, 2004

St. Kts: The Passion moves theater-goers

BASSETERRE St. Kitts - Mel Gibson's widely controversial film, The Passion of the Christ, has stirred passions among moviegoers here.
According to General Manager Butin Williams, the blockbuster attracted "a good crowd" each night. "We have had two nightly showings so far and tickets have been sold out. "We had a very good crowd of churchgoers. The crowd was mixed consisting of old and young people, but mostly older folks. Maybe this week we"ll see a different audience," Williams told the SUN.
"When I realised all that Christ went through for us, it really made me cry," Jahai said.

"All my life, I have seen many re-enactments of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, but all preconceived notions were eradicated last Friday evening.
"Gibson did an excellent job at placing viewers in the heart of the moment. I felt that I was there. I cried and I cried and I cried. He could not portray exactly what happened on the day Jesus died but, he came pretty close in my assessment," Miranda emphasised.


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