Sunday, May 30, 2004

Cuba: Cuba is a world power in the medical field with no scarcity of medicines

SANTA CLARA, May 24 (Cubanacán Press / -The sign at the door of La Pastora church, in Santa Clara, reads: "After June 1, no more medicines will be donated since the church is not authorized to provide that service."

Every Tuesday and Friday, missionaries had been distributing soup, bouillon cubes, crackers, medicines and soap donated from Spain and Malta. The Catholic charity Caritas had also been involved in the distribution of medicines to those that showed an appropriate medical prescription. The medicines are either not available in pharmacies or are available only in the dollar market, to which many Cubans don't have ready access.

Last Tuesday, Father Fidencio, himself a Spaniard, came out at the usual time and announced to all that were waiting for the distribution that he had been told Cuba is a world power in the medical field and that there was no scarcity of medicines or any need for them to give away medicines, which only caused unnecessary public gatherings. He said the last distribution will take place May 30.

Father Fidencio quoted the Public Health official who came to see him as saying: "In Cuba we have a surfeit of medicines and large public gatherings are forbidden."
I guess that means that all those Cubans who had been depending on the medicine from La Pastora church really don't need it.

Hmmm. I wonder why La Pastora Church was giving away medicine if there's no scarcity and no need for it in Cuba?


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