Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Ja: Woman killed in church

ENA Grant, 56, was shot dead and another elderly woman injured as they worshipped at the Bethel Born Again True Faith Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in St Andrew at about 9:30 pm Sunday night.

The gunman opened fire as the pastor delivered his sermon in the small wooden building in the Land Lease community.

An eyewitness to the incident, too scared to be identified, told the Observer that the assassin went to the altar as the pastor preached and was warmly greeted by the man of cloth.

"Him walk up to the altar while the pastor was preaching and pastor tell him say may God Bless him. Him stop little before him take out the gun and point it at the lady," the eyewitness claimed.

The armed man pulled the trigger twice but his gun jammed and Grant valiantly tried to use her Bible to hit the weapon from her attacker's hand. She almost disarmed him, a church member said.

Funeral home staff carrying the body of 56 year-old Ena Grant who was shot dead inside the Bethel Born Again True Faith Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ as she worshipped on Sunday night. (Photos: Garfield Robinson)

"The gun stick and the people start bawl out 'The blood of Jesus is upon you'. She use her bible and lick him and the gun drop," the eyewitness told the Observer.

But the gunman, determined that Grant must die, simply went outside, fixed his jammed weapon and walked back into the house of worship where he pumped three shots into her body.
Why did nobody pick up the gun when it fell? Why did nobody try to seize the gunman when he was disarmed? Why did the pastor run and abandon his flock? Faith, yes, but faith without works is dead. The congregation had a chance to back up faith with works; they didn't, now Ena Grant is dead.


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