Thursday, June 17, 2004

PR: Introduce this sicko to Pam De Hannah

SAN JUAN (AP) – A Bayamon Superior Court Judge found cause to arrest a 41 year-old-man charged with raping a 99-year-old woman in Cataño, police said.

Judge Erick Colon found cause to arrest Julio Santana Ayala on charges of rape, sodomy, breaking an entry and aggression and set bail at $400,000.

According to agent Grace Maldonado, Santana Ayala raped the woman on Tuesday in her home at the Juana Matos public housing project in Cataño.

Santana Ayala was taken to the Bayamon Regional Prison after he was unable to post bail.
This guy shouldn't even have had bail. Just toss him in a hole and toss the key.


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