Wednesday, June 23, 2004

U.S.: Today is Wictory Wednesday!

Well, John F'fin Kerry is back on the campaign trail again. He hit DC yesterday so that he could vote on a Veterans bill. However, the GOP senators decided to put Kerry to the test; which is more important, veterans' issues or attending a campaign fundraiser? So they forced a delay in the voting and John F'fin Kerry caved and hit the road without having voted on the bill. Now, let's extrapolate from that to the WoT. If Kerry is elected president come November 2, can America expect Kerry to cave when he encounters impediments to his self-interest, or will he have the guts to look his opponents in the eye and spit? How Kerry handled the GOP test is instructive. Happily for the U.S., we already have a man in the White House whose motto is "don't back down." Right now, it's high noon, and we need that fine-looking Texas cowboy just where he is: rifle, cocked and aimed, in his left hand, holster with the Colt tied down to his right leg, and the smoking Colt in his right hand. No surrender, no retreat, no back down. You go, Dubya!

For those of you who want to make sure you back a winner, here's how you can contribute to the re-election of President George W. Bush. If you're an American citizen:

I urge you to exercise your right as an American citizen to register to vote and support our President. You can register to vote right now by visiting Register to Vote for George W. Bush. The upcoming presidential election could be very close -- every bit as close as 2000 -- and your vote will matter. With the challenge we face of keeping this nation prosperous and secure, the stakes of this election couldn't be higher. Make your voice heard by registering to vote at Register to Vote for George W. Bush.
If you're a legal alien, contact the INS and apply for citizenship. No, you won't become a citizen in time to vote for the election, but you can begin the application process. If you're an illegal alien, there are legal paths to take to regularize your status so you can eventually exercise all the rights and privileges of American citizenship. Alternative information sourcesare here and here.

If you're a citizen, you can work towards GWB's re-election by becoming a Bush Volunteer; by making a campaign donation. Every little counts. Remember, GWB is not just up against the Kerry Ketchup mega-millions, he's also up against George Soros's billions. Give whatever you can.

Additionally, if you've got a blog, you can add Bush-Cheney campaign news to it. For those who like to shop, buy Bush-Cheney campaign gear at the GWB Online Store.

If you wish to give to the Bush re-election campaign via CaribPundit, on Wictory Wednesdays, you can hit the blog's tip jar and send me a note. What I'll do then is to move the money on to GWB's election campaign along with a list of donors. Yeah, yeah, I get to look good ! Furthermore, I'll also blog post a list of donors by first name/nickname/anonymous/whatever turns you on. Freel free to email me with comments, requests, whatever. Your mail will be private and confidential, unless you indicate otherwise.


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