Sunday, June 20, 2004

U.S.: Those damn racist Republicans!

US PRESIDENT George Bush's nomination of a close associate of national security adviser Condoleezza Rice to be the next US ambassador to SA could help raise Pretoria's profile in the White House.

Jendayi Frazer, who studied under Rice at Stanford University and is currently the national security adviser on Africa, is one of two senior officials with extensive experience in Africa that the Bush administration has put forward to the US Senate for confirmation.

Bush has also nominated Constance Newman for the top Africa slot in the US state department that of assistant secretary of state for Africa. She holds the number two post in the US Agency for International Development's Africa programme.
Newman has acted as a private consultant in SA on affirmative action and has had extensive contact with the African National Congress. She has served as a board member of the International Republican Institute, the wing of the Republican party which finances projects aimed at promoting democracy and strengthening free markets.

Newman also has wide experience in observing elections. Her other experience in government includes a top post in the US Office of Personnel Management and a post as vice-chairwoman of the Washington DC Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority.

Frazer has experienced a stellar rise through the US foreign policy establishment. Prior to taking up her post on the National Security Council, she was an assistant professor of public policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

Her degrees, including a Phd, are all from Stanford. She has been a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, served as a political-military planner with the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the US defence department and worked on African security issues with the state department's International Military Education Training programmes and the United Nations Development Programme.

In addition, she has spent time as a research associate at the Institute for Development Studies at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, and has been an editor of the journal Africa Today.
Big ups to Booker Rising and Crispus.

How dare GWB hire blacks to fill important positions? Didn't anybody tell Bush that Republicans are racist, or is he such a dolt that he doesn't have the wit to realize it? I'd bet good money that Jendayi Frazier and Constance Newman are Jemimas. I mean, if Condi Rice was influential in their appointments, then neither of these women can be authentic blacks because Condi isn't either. I mean, didn't the singer of "Day, Oh" aka the "Banana Boat Song" tell us that Condi has turned her back on black people? He should know, right? I mean, he's done so much for the blacks oppressed by his good friend Castro.

Just imagine, the South Africans are expecting their affairs to have a higher profile at the White House because GWB nominated Condi's close associate to be the next U.S. Ambassador to that country! Fer cryin' out loud! Don't these stupid South Africans get it either? Don't they know Republicans are racist? Don't they know Condi, Jendayi, and Constance aren't authentic? Don't they know that the "Day Oh" man thinks Condi. by implication, is GWB's house slave? What's wrong with these people?

These damn Republicans are always hiring inauthentic blacks who are off the plantation. How can these Thomases and Jemimas know what it's like in the 'hood? That is so, so racist.


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