Friday, July 16, 2004

Cuba - Castro - Prostitutes in Havana are the 'Cleanest and Best Educated in the World'

Is this something for which to be proud? Not in my book.

President Bush quoted Fidel Castro while addressing a conference on human trafficking which has become a world problem.

Instead of a decline in human trafikking, we are seeing a rise in human smuggling for nefarious purposes. Beside the movement of migrants farmworkers, sweatshop workers, etc., as well as terrorists and other criminals, human trafikkers routinely move women and children around the world for the purpose of working in the sex industry, some even into the United States.

Tourists from all over the world use the sex industry in Cuba. Educated omen and men pick up clients on the streets to supplement their meagar incomes. Discreet, organized houses, are run on side streets and in neighborhoods for the tourist trade.

In the past the Mafia ran gaming and prostitution in Cuba. The irony of Castro's remark is that the Cuban government routinely denies that citizens need additional income and that prostitution is an activity that Cuban citizens would engage.

Why are we not surprised that Castro didn't tell the truth on this one either!


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