Thursday, July 01, 2004

U.S. Immigrant Smugglers Become More Ruthless. Immigrant Smuggling Is BIG Business

Los Angeles - Police get tips and continue to find "houses of horror" where smuggled immigrants wait to be ransomed by relatives before their release. Often the smugglers jack up the price.

Immigrant smuggling is growing. "From Southern California to Texas…smugglers are taking ruthless new steps to exploit the multitude of poor immigrants from Mexico and Central America trying to reach the United States at any cost." They are found captive inside trucks, motel rooms, squalid bungalows without electricity, and even brothels where they are forced to perform sex acts for their freedom.

Organized crime is even "muscling into the market by ambushing smugglers once they cross the border, kidnapping the immigrants and then charging higher prices for their release."

"Often the smugglers pay at least $3,000 apiece for a harrowing journey that takes two weeks. Then they are held hostage and their familes are hit up for more money."

Gone are the days of the "Lone Coyote" and cheap prices. Smuggling is more sophisticated than it used to be, involving drivers, scouts, decoys, rental caaares, and housing. Thus, the increased costs.

At its peak, the border patrol in Arizna apprehended 2,500 daily. Today the average is around 1,600. Crackdowns have forced the smugglers to move out into the more hazadous desert crossing. But, they get their money anyway whether the "refugee" lives or dies.

Recently groups have set up water and food stations as "travellers aid stations" along really bad stretches in the desert. The INS has erected radio towers equipped with "first aid" and the ability to call for help along these same routes. No one wants to see anyone die, but, the INS will send the illegals back.

It is unfortunate that thousands come wanting to work. America was built by people such as these. Because of terrorism, it is essential that we control our borders.

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