Tuesday, July 20, 2004

U.S.: Oh, Canada!

Less than one month after their somewhat tattered return to Ottawa, the minority Liberal Government has banned the Canadian Bible Society’s 50-year tradition of distributing the New Testament to new Canadians at citizenship ceremonies.

Gifting new citizens with copies of the Bible is out of sync with Canada’s promotion of multiculturalism.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada claims to be in receipt of complaints from participants at citizenship ceremonies, who feel the Christian sciptures, are being imposed upon them.

The society, already sidelined to setting up tables stacked with commemorative gold Maple-Leaf-embossed Bibles at citizenship ceremonies, deny the charge.

"They say this is about freedom of religion, but the government is actually curtailing freedom of religion," laments Reverend Phyllis Nesbitt, the society’s national director.

In a politically correct environment where the Holy Book is going the way of the unwelcome Cross and Ten Commandments, the society will appeal Ottawa’s Bible ban.
Canada already bans Fox News but allows Al Jazeera, will they replace Bibles with Korans next?


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