Wednesday, July 28, 2004

U.S.: Cry shame on these mediaeval barbarians!

NAIROBI (AFP) - The African Union (AU) accused Sudan's pro-government militias of burning civilians alive in Darfur and sent out a clear signal it was considering sending in a peacekeeping force to the crisis-hit region.
The Sudanese government, which has repeatedly pledged to disarm the Janjaweed, said Tuesday it would face down any foreign military intervention in the crisis.
AU monitors declared on Wednesday that government-backed Arab militiamen chained and burned alive civilians in a raid on a market in Darfur.

"The attackers looted the market and killed civilians, in some cases chaining them and burning them alive
," said a report released in Nairobi by AU ceasefire observers in the region.

The report said the African Union monitors went to Suleia village, where the militia raid occurred July 3.

It said the raid was carried out by "militia elements believed to be Janjaweed."

"This was an unwarranted and unprovoked attack on the civilian population," the report said. However, it could not substantiate allegations that Sudanese government forces took part in the raid alongside the Janjaweed.
Why are black people Muslim? Why are black people Muslim when, in the view of Arab Muslims (who control Mecca and Medina), the only good Muslim is an Arab Muslim? When will these backward barbarians abandon their barbaric and blood-thirsty ways and join the human race? Good heavens! To do such an evil thing to defenceless civilians. Hitler had nothing on these barbarians; in fact, in him they find their equal.


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