Friday, August 06, 2004

US: Closer, but keep fighting the good fight

At this point the Donk leadership is depending on party loyalty and various media and celebrity help almost exclusively. They are depending on people's blind faith in their widely broadcast party line, and are banking on what they say not being verified in the liberal press.

Kerry is even now openly recycling themes from Michael Moore's discredited propaganda movie...

They depend on the press throwing softballs at their candidates and lending credence to all their specious claims whilst obfuscating things like Sandy Berger stuffing secret documents down his shorts, and the utter collapse of their Joe Wilson, and Clarke, and Moore, conspiracy pillars.

Lately the Donks in their desperation have taken to intimidation and Lawyerese to try to stifle both opponents and fact.

To whit:
DNC Lawyers Work To Muzzle Swift Boat Vets' Ad

Human Events has a scan of the letter the DNC's lawyers fax out to intimidate stations into not playing the Swift Boat Vereran's ad.

I wonder if they use the same cadre of DNC litigators they mobilized against Nader's ballot fights?

...Or are they the donk's Soros funded Moveon PAC lawyers who are trying to sue FOX into liberal line?

Their celebrity constituents blast on at every opportunity about Conservatives somehow stifling dissent in public forums, yet they are the foremost players in that field. And like petulant children they throw tantrums when [American] people call them on it or walk out of a concert they paid for, or otherwise express their distase.

I think it comes down to the fact that the liberal pollyanna's don't understand that by not being proactive and preemptive in taking the fight to Islam's fascists, they invite a hunkered down reduction of domestic civil liberties that will be incrementally eroded in response to continued domestic terrorist attack.

Apparently this is not a problem for the Dem's as it's one step closer to their nanny state ideal I guess.

Striking at Islam's fascist element is the only logical means to forstall the domestic effects of islamist terrorism.

...And it's working despite all the media's "quagmire" salesmanship.

Tens of millions of Iraqis and Afghanis are actively opposing/fighting al Qaeda right now...Even as they prepare for their own elections - and terrorists who once had safe haven are scurrying between safe-house and spider-hole to survive. That doesn't leave terrorists much "time-space" in which to flesh out new attacks against a hardened and free American homeland which is why they car bomb their [supposed] own in an attempt to derail the democracy train that's chugging right along.

Meanwhile, 55,000,000 people are free of totalitarian nooses and the nuclear mullahs of Iran are being boxed-in whilst other proliferation scams are being exposed and eliminated.

The DNC and all their lemmings of course call President Bush evil for this but the American people given the opportunity to think, aren't buying it...Hence the palpable desperation crackling through the ranks of the left.

Every liberal tantrum illustrates this rising desperation - which is why I absolutely love when they 'express' themselves.

We should start a 'How many states is George Bush going to win by' pool.

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Anonymous Cheap Cocktail Dresses said...

Truth be told, the whole thing is just one big sideshow. Wall Street bought & paid for our government a long time ago.

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