Friday, February 27, 2004

Bmda: Kerry tainting Bermuda's reputation as a financial center

BERMUDA Monetary Authority (BMA) boss Cheryl-Ann Lister says that with the island’s reputation as a quality financial centre being challenged, it is now increasingly important for the BMA to protect that reputation.

In an interview with the Bermuda Sun yesterday to mark the BMA’s 35th anniversary, Mrs. Lister expressed concern about the challenges to Bermuda’s reputation, the most vocal of late being U.S. Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

“We tend to be lumped in with quote, unquote, this ‘offshore’ context, which is a misnomer,” she said. “The furore feeds on the fact that some people don’t know or understand, and people who do know and understand but may have an ulterior motive thrive on that and feed on that.”

Kerry's careless and Democrat-pleasing rhetoric might play well with some in the Ameican arena, but he's not thinking of what it will do to Bermuda's economy. Will Kerry, if he should be elected president, God forbid, make reparations for the damage he is doing to Bermuda? Will he turn over his wife's shares in Bermuda-based company in recompense? One imagines that Kerry will not.

This anything for a vote and votes at all cost attitude is immoral. It is high time politicians consider more than themselves when they wield words during the election season.


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