Saturday, March 27, 2004

Atg: Cover up?

Within minutes of being sworn into office on Wednesday, Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer entered his new premises on the hill only to find the drawers and cabinets devoid of paper.

This scandal was first reported on Wednesday night when Mr. Spencer made his first public address in his new capacity.

"My first impression was that this was systematically done to hide important documents from the incoming administration," Mr. Spencer told the SUN in an interview yesterday.

It has been also reported that even the files on the computers of the prime minister's secretaries and the chief of staff were deleted and security tapes were missing.

"There was an orchestrated plan to remove documents, destroy them or just to make them inaccessible to any other administration," PM Spencer said, noting there were reports from those who kept vigil at the PM's office on Saturday night that people were seen shredding documents.

"Documents were being shredded so much so that the two machines stopped working," he added.
PM Spencer has his work cut out for him now cuz he's walking blind.


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