Saturday, March 27, 2004

U.S.: Amazing how a missile concentrates the mind

Look at Arafat.

Found on Meryl Yourish's site, thanks to Cox & Forkum, is Sheik Yassin top ten list of kill-the-Jew comments:
10. "[Israel is] a Jewish apartheid state on the land of Palestine."

9. "[If Israelis want a Jewish state] they can found a state in Europe."—Sydney Morning Herald, December 8, 2003

8. Arafat "is Palestinian, and I am Palestinian," said Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas. "We have the same problem now. Israel is our enemy."—IHT, via NYT, April 4, 2002

7. “Resistance will move forward. Jihad will continue, and martyrdom operations will continue until the full liberation on Palestine.” (Dec. 28, 2002.)

6. "The weapons that our people carry to defend our land and our people, nobody can confiscate them. We can only talk about this after liberating the land. Taking weapons means surrender and defeat."—Jerusalem Post, September 24, 2003.

5. "They [Israelis] should not feel safe."—Jerusalem Post, December 28, 2002

4. "All of Israel, Tel Aviv included, is occupied Palestine. So we're not actually targeting civilians -- that would go against Islam. "—St. Petersburg Times, August 11, 2001

3. "When they stop attacks against our civilians, against our people, then we will not touch their civilians," he went on, while adding that "there are no civilians in Israel, they are all military, all occupiers."—Sydney Morning Herald via AFP, August 15, 2002

2. "But Islam does not teach Muslims to make reconciliation with aggressors or occupiers that kill innocent people and ravage the land. [... ]So, you must defend yourself, your land, your dignity, your property, and your country. One cannot simply tolerate that an aggressor stole one’s land and murdered one’s people. To do so is not reconciliation or tolerance but surrender, defeat and a trouncing....—Al Jazeera, first published at Bitter Lemons, August 26, 2003, and, “Reconciliation with the Jews is a crime.”

1. "The day in which I will die as a shahid [martyr] will be the happiest day of my life." (Al-Quds, July 26, 1998.)
Scroll down to see images of Yassin's happiest day. Thanks to Mal at Little Green Footballs for the link.

Weep not for Yassin, friends. Great is his reward in hell. Thanks and praise be to Allah.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You’re a piece of shit!! You’ll burn in hell 1st you unjust devil!!!Hell to you!! Burn for ever and ever...

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