Thursday, March 18, 2004

Cay: Opposition questioning Bush's commissions

The Leader of the Opposition, Hon Kurt Tibbetts described the Legislative Assembly statement made by the Hon McKeeva Bush concerning recent allegations made against him in the on-line newsletter Offshore Alert as "unsatisfactory" and "alarming." 

The allegations involved Mr Bush receiving a number of payments totaling over $345,000 from The Ritz-Carlton developers in 1999 and 2000.
Mr Tibbetts said that Mr Bush's admission that he personally received payments gave rise to more questions. "Instead of castigating the source of these allegations and maligning me as he did this past week in the Legislative Assembly, the Leader of Government Business ought to provide some answers."

Some of the questions Mr Tibbetts had for Mr Bush included asking why the payments were made directly to Mr Bush by The Ritz-Carlton developer and not to Cambridge Realty and Windsor Development, and why the payments, if they were for commissions and expenses, were not made to these companies in the usual wa


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