Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Ja: No more guns from the U.S. for a little while

GUN DEALERS are analysing the implications for their businesses after it emerged yesterday that the United States had ordered a freeze on the licences of all dealers to import guns and ammunition into Jamaica.
A member of the Police High Command who spoke with The Gleaner yesterday said the problem between the US and the dealers began about three years ago after questions were raised about the quantity of firearms and ammunition that were being imported to Jamaica by some dealers within what they determined to be too short a period.

The Gleaner understands that at one stage the State Department had contacted Police Commissioner Francis Forbes on the matter and for several months both parties exchanged correspondence.

Further reports are that at least one dealer almost lost his licence following a court matter in which the local police seized a large cache of ammunition from unauthorised persons. The ammunition was purchased from the particular dealer.

Gleaner sources say that it was reports of that nature that prompted the State Department to began taking a closer look at the importation of guns and ammunition to Jamaica.
Hey, gunslingers, don't worry about how you're going to get guns. In fact, you'll have access to more guns now that the freeze is on. Look at T&T; it's Dodge City down there with guns that are smuggled in from South America and every last place else. So, take heart, you Djangos and Sanchos.


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