Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Cuba: Hey Castro, yuh mama!

People dissatisfied with the government and willing to express it at night by painting anti-government slogans on walls have become a growing phenomenon, at least in the central Cuban provinces, in spite of similarly growing police activity to deter them.

Most recently, several slogans showed up on the morning of Friday, March 12, on the walls of houses at the corner of Cuba and Serafín Sánchez Streets, in the center of Santa Clara. On the wall of one house belonging to prominent Communist Party members, someone wrote in black ink: "Down with Fidel." Nearby, almost under the nose of Popular Council president José Chalup, someone wrote: "Fidel, Murderer."

Inevitably, by the time police showed up to remove the graffiti, a crowd had gathered and spread the news across town. Bystanders said police painted over one sign and scrapped the other one off.
First comes graffiti. Next comes revolution. Will Chavez be able to save Castro? Tune in next week, same time, same channel.


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