Sunday, March 21, 2004

Gya: Enough is enough on death squads

"A luta continua...The struggle continues," declared PNCR leader Robert Corbin yesterday while warning that if the government refuses to address the death squad allegations, the country would grind to a halt.

Corbin was speaking at the Square of the Revolution at the end of a day of protest as part of the Rule of Law March and Rally which attracted substantial if not spectacular crowds. The event was organised by a committee comprising a number of civil society groupings and political parties.

In a speech that lasted well over an hour and by its end saw supporters wandering away, he said if there is no sign of action, a similar event would be held before the end of the week, "by which time we hope that [President Bharrat Jagdeo] wakes up."
Jagdeo and his boys aren't any better, but Guyana needs to keep an eye on Corbin. The first clue of a dictator is the inability to keep a speech to an hour or less. Seriously, though, this is a good sign for Guyana. Hopefully, Jagdeo's government will investigate Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj who is alleged to have ties with death squads.


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