Thursday, March 18, 2004

Hti: Democrat discovers Democrats not democratic

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said he would have sent American troops to support Aristide.Ý As a Haitian-American Democrat, active in the American political process, I shuddered.Ý Indeed, the discourse coming out of the Democratic Party regarding Haiti is remarkably one-sided, in support of Aristide.Ý Whatever happened to Democrats supporting democratic values?Ý Do these leaders truly believe Aristide governed Haiti democratically?

From Randall Robinson, the champion of the fight against South African apartheid to Congressman and ?woman Charles Rangel (NY) and Maxine Waters (CA), to Jesse Jackson, what we get is strident support for the failed Haitian former President and his kidnapping charges against the United States.

Do their views reflect those of the majority of Haitians and Haitian-Americans?Ý Apparently, they do not.
Dude, the first thing you learn is that liberal Democrats love leftists no matter how bad they are. So, they'll bitch about how the U.S. overthrew Aristide, and they'll screw over the people of Haiti cuz they don't really care about the average everyday Haitian. Remember Charlie Rangel? Big Aristide fan. Rangel has never spoken to a single Haitian other than Aristide.

The writer is Paul A. Barthole, president, Democrats of South Dade Club. Somebody out there in FL, send the man a whole pack of brand new electoral registration forms; make sure GOP is written in, too.

The first thing immigrant blacks to these United States ought to learn is DO NOT GET ON THE PLANTATION!


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