Sunday, March 28, 2004

Ja: Randall Robinson says Condi threatened Jamaica

[T]he US administration, which helped in the creation of the new authority in Haiti after torpedoing a Caricom power-sharing plan, has been pressing the regional governments to back down, and according to at least one source, Washington has made unspecified threats against Jamaica.

Randall Robinson, who accompanied former president Jean-Bertrand Artistide from the Central African Republic to Jamaica, says the threat came from US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice. "I have learned from a White House source that Condoleezza Rice has pointedly threatened the Jamaican government, telling it to expel President Aristide, or face the consequences", the human rights activist and founder of Trans-Africa is quoted in a radio interview posted on the website

Interestingly, when KD Knight, minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade was asked by RJR's Kathy Barrett to comment on Robinson's disclosure, he pointedly and repeatedly said that US Secretary of State Colin Powell has conveyed no such threat to him - and they had spoken as recently as Tuesday. There was no flat out denial from Knight.

While there is room for dispute about the accuracy of specific threats from specific individuals demanding specific actions, the public statements from Washington leave no doubt about their upset.
Yeah, right, Randall Robinson has WH sources. Washington has rightly told Jamaica your arse is grass if any Marines come to harm because of Aristide. Black liberals have a real jones for Condi Rice. I tell you, it sticks in their craw that Condi is powerful as heck and is NOT a black liberal. It bugs them that Condi has real power. I can't think of a black Democrat who has ever been as powerful as Condi or Colin. Black liberals look at Condi and stew because they know that no black will ever make it that far with the Democrat Party; for, at its core, Dems are still segregationists who believe blacks and other minorities must get so far and no further.

Look, dudes, face up to this: the Democrats do not have blacks in serious positions of power. You guys on the plantation serve in the house or in the yard; you are never the master of the house or in a position so to be. Get used to it!


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