Saturday, March 27, 2004

U.S.: A must read

Mark Durie's witness statement. Here's the context for the Durie's statement:

In Australia, as you may know, the Islamic Council of Victoria has brought suit against two Christian preachers — simply for teaching the facts about Islam. So far this seens to have backfired on the Muslim group in a big way, as now Islamic witnesses have been compelled to read passages from Qur'an and Hadith and acknowledge that, well, yes, that is Islamic teaching.

In this pdf is the witness statement of Mark Durie, an Anglican priest and professor of linguistics. Durie has provided an outstanding summation of the Islamic sources of jihad ideology, dhimmitude, and related topics. If you are looking for a concise guide to these matters, here it is.
Thanks to Robert Spencer, Dhimmiwatch. Read this text and realize that Osama bin Laden is not a rebel but is actually a very good Muslim who's doing no less than the Koran dictates, and who is doing what is preached in Saudi Arabia and many lands. Because of the congruity between bin Laden's actions and the classical evolutionary teaching of jihad which is promulgated, one would be hard put to find Muslims denouncing bin Laden and Al Qaeda. The man is just doing what a good Muslim ought to.

Durie's statement also puts into perspective the Jamaat Al-Muslimeen's attempted coup, in 1990, in T&T. Furthermore, it also delineates the utter cowardice of Michael Burke's two articles advocating that Jamaica abandon any alliance with the U.S. as a way of avoiding Islamic bombs. This document asserts that the bombs will come ... unless Burke and others convert to Islam. (See here.) For,
non-Muslims have no inalienable right for their lives to be protected. They only have such conceded rights to life as are granted by the Muslim community. This reflects the laws of the classical evoluationary model of jihad, which proclaims that the Muslim community must fight against non-Muslims who have not yet submitted to the Islamic state. (Durie, 2004)
Therefore, the Caribbean, with the Muslim Triangle, chock full of terrorists, in its backyard, ought to be fully aware that there is no escaping the bombs unless Caribbeanites cravenly submit. Durie's statement is powerful stuff.


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