Tuesday, March 30, 2004

U.S.: Hillary Clinton's October Surprise

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton is predicting that this year's presidential election will be very tight and the victor will win because of "something unforeseen."

"It will be very close," the former first lady tells the New York Post's Cindy Adams.

On how the contest will ultimately be decided, Clinton said, "It will be outside forces - something unforeseen that suddenly happens - that tilts the election one way or the other."
Okay, so what could that "unforeseen" thing be? Could it be an attack by Al Qaeda? If it is, what does Hillary know and why hasn't she told Homeland Security? Her statements contain a tad too much of assurance, of certainty. America knows that Hillary has embraced Suha Arafat in public; so, people would wonder to what extent has Hillary embraced the "Palestinian" cause, and if she has let the Democrat desire for power trump the safety and security of the American people. Besides, after Spain, America is braced for another attack; Homeland Security, Defense, and the CIA have all indicated that the U.S. will be hit again. The people know this; thus, a terrorist strike is going to be seen as an attempt to sway people from voting for the one man who will crush terrorists, GWB.

Well, the Dems already sprung GWB's DUI charge in 2000. He still won, and, for the benefit of the Caribbean community, GWB also won when all the liberal media outlets paid for a recount. That recount determined votes using Al Gore's standard of anything's a vote -- Bush still won. It also utilized the stricter standard that was in play before the FL Supreme Court decided to change the rules in the midst of the game -- GWB still won.

So, what else could it be? GWB is drinking again? That's a possibility; however, Laura would kill him, and he's a man who respects a woman's wrath.

Let's see, GWB converted to Islam secretly? That wouldn't fly as long as the economy was right and GWB is kicking terrorist butt just right. However, GWB loves his Jesus, so that one is not about to happen cuz he's a man to whom loyalty is a practical rather than theoretical value. GWB's loyal to men, and he'll remain loyal to his God.

What else could it be? GWB had a girlfriend who had an abortion? Dems floated that story already with the full awareness that it's untrue. It didn't take hold then, and it's unlikely it will take hold in October -- unless the girl friend is resurrected from some place. Even then, folks are likely to say that was then, this is now. The wrong things GWB did then, he's doing them no more. In other words, the Christian right would respond with conservative compassion.

What other thing? GWB and Condi Rice are having a hot affair? A few media reports have mentioned that Rice and GWB are unusually close. I wish I'd saved the reports to link to them, but I didn't. Somebody out there who has access to Lexis/Nexis please do a run and let me know. What does the reporter mean by unusually close? Is it an innocent or a suggestive statement? If the statement is suggestive, would such a relationship sink GWB? Possibly. Why? Both Condi and GWB are serious Christians; they are people of firm principle who prize loyalty. Such a charge would make them seem to be cheap hypocrites, and that public sense that GWB is a deeply moral man, faithful to his wife, capable of loyalty, would be utterly tarnished. America would see GWB as worse than Clinton, and nobody would trust him. This could derail GWB. However, GWB loves Laura, and Laura, being no fool, would kill him. Don't ask what his mother would do to him. As I said, GWB is a man who respects a woman's wrath.

So, what thing could it be? Whatever the thing may be, I do know that I find myself rather perturbed by that undercurrent of certainty in Hillary Clinton's words. From her speech, I understand that the Democrats have some plan in the works that Hillary is privy to, or that terrorists may be planning something that she might have info on -- that would be unconscionable. I do not say that Hillary Clinton is in league with terrrorists; however, the text and the subtext I find troublesome.

So, what does Hillary know, and when did she know it?


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