Wednesday, March 31, 2004

U.S.: Light blogging day

It's been a light blogging day today. I didn't cover half of the Caribbean news that I should have. Life is like that when you get really busy sometimes.

Anyway, I was running around trying to deal with officialdom, checking shipping rates for a Yamaha KX-88 keyboard that I sold, but the sale may fall through cuz the other party can't pay the shipping rate. I don't know how I feel about that. I wouldn't hurt me to keep the keyboard, and it wouldn't hurt to lose it. For me, it's been a way of reacquainting myself with an activity that was very much part of my childhood -- piano playing. So, there's no upset because the sale may fall through; in fact, now that I think of it, there is a certain measure of relief. So, why was I selling it in the first place, huh? huh? huh?

The thing is, my feet are getting itchy again. Being single does that to a person. Since I have neither a chick nor a child nor a parrot on a stick, to my mind, there's nothing to keep me bound to one place. Would that we were in a more technologized age so that there is nothing to keep me bound to one time, either. Unfortunately, we are not. So, I must deal with the delights of this present age, and China is looking pretty good to me. From China, I have some job offers that I'm moving ahead on. The Chinese need teachers of English, and I happen to be an English teacher -- though one cannot always tell that from the way I write sometimes. If somebody needed a teacher of Koine Greek or Classical Hebrew, well, I'd fall right in there, too. Flexibility is a wonderful thing. So, I'm looking at China, getting my ducks in a row, and looking to trim down the volume of my household goods. Come to think of it, my yard goods, too, cuz I've got a 1990 Mazda that I've not yet managed to put up for sale. One of these days, no doubt, or I might just wind up giving it away to the next schmuck who comes along asking. It needs a bit of work, but it's as reliable as a Clydesdale.

Anyway, enough of that. If I go to China, I'll be able to keep blogging. The accommodations come with computers and web access. That's the pedestrian stuff. There is a certain romance to China. The Silk Road. The Great Wall. Kung Fu. No, I won't let the Communist politics dissuade me, either. Besides, China is the wave of the future, and it would be great to seize this chance to be in China for a year, learn the language, get to know the people, acquire a sense of the culture from the inside.

Until I find the one man from whom I cannot walk away without a second though, the world remains my oyster. China, here I come.... Or someplace else.


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