Monday, March 22, 2004

U.S.: Live by the sword....

Israel took out Hamas's "spiritual" leader, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, tonight. (In Hebrew, Hamas means violence.) I know; de mortuuis, nil nisi bonum and all that, but he was a nasty old critter who founded Hamas, who praised homicide bombers, and who encouraged and ordered violent and dreadful attacks on Israeli men, women, and children. That Yassin was wheelchair bound, partially deaf, and partially blind never stopped him from issuing orders to homicide bombers. For, an order that is carried out is a deed for which the sender is responsible. Fox reports that Yassin knew the code name of every homicide bomber who went out against Israel. He should. He sent them out. Worse yet, he had a hand in the first bombing of the World Trade Center -- the bombers trained with Hamas's killers in Wyoming, of all places. So, what "spiritual" leader? More like terrorist in chief.

Yassin has gone on to meet his reward for the sanctioning of heady murder. Drink deep from the cup of divine wrath, old buzzard, cuz there are no 72 virgins or young boys to sport with in the afterlife. Instead, "Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations. All they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as we? art thou become like unto us?" (Is. 14:9-10).

"Palestinians" say that Yassin was known for his moderation and that his killing is a dangerous act that will lead to chaos, yadda yadda. Hey, whether Israel killed this buzzard or not, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyrs, and all the other fruits and nuts would be busy killing or trying to kill Jews. In actual fact, Yassin was no moderate. He sent women and children as homicide bombers against Israelis; he thought and preached that the only good Jew is a dead Jew. As a Caribbeanite, I read the history of slavery; in my early teens, I read the history of World War II. To both slavery and genocide, I say this: Never Again! What the Arabs are attempting to do to Israelis is genocidal. What the Arabs are doing to African Christians and animists in the Sudan and elsewhere is both slavery and genocidal.

No matter what one thinks of Israel, what may never be forgotten is this "West Bank" and "Gaza" saying, which I deem a threat, after Shabbat comes Sunday.

Here's a list of what Chief Terrorist Ahmed Yassin has been responsible for. Compliments of The Corner.

Murderous buzzard Yassin, rest in pieces.


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