Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Blz: Doctor removes patient's big stones

In 1992, seventy-one year old Cyril Flowers was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. Although he was advised that he would need to remove the organ, Flowers did not like the idea of undergoing an operation and put it off for more than a decade...that is until his condition started to deteriorate. It was suppose to have been a routine surgery, but little did anyone involved in the procedure know that history was about to be made at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

Catherine Flowers, Wife
"Because I work at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for so many years, over twenty years as a nurse, and we never seen such big stones. There are big ones, but not three."

Urologist Specialist Dr. Marcos Rugama was just as surprised. The stones, which weighed a pound and a half, had been growing inside Flowers' urinary bladder.

Dr. Marcos Rugama, Urologist, K.H.M.H.
"Basically it was the size of the stones—it’s strange to find stones so big, especially three big stones, because it has to pass a lot of time to have the stones so big."

Dr. Rugama believes the stones had been growing for several years and definitely caused much pain and discomfort.

Cyril Flowers, Patient
"I just glance on it and take off my eyes, because I noh see how that could get into yuh, that size ah thing... and for years I the go through with that thing until it get worst now."

Today a much relieved Flowers is recuperating at home, still puzzled over what was found inside of him.


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