Tuesday, April 27, 2004

USVI: Massachusetts Democrat outsources jobs to V.I. Workers
Kerry campaign presumably seething...

Tis a good 'ting.

Massachusetts business leaders, faced with a looming shortage of summer workers, are hitting the beaches _ of the Virgin Islands.

Rep. William Delahunt headed a delegation Monday to meet with local officials there to discuss ways to identify workers who could fill seasonal jobs on Cape Cod.

"With Memorial Day around the corner, this is now a matter of hour-by-hour urgency that cries out for creativity," Delahunt said. "We share two things with the Virgin Islands: a first-rate tourism industry and staggering offseason unemployment."

The growing labor concerns have been fueled by the federal government's decision in March to stop processing employer requests for special guest work visas because the annual quota had been reached.

Since the Virgin Islands is a U.S. territory, workers do not need a visa to travel and work in the United States. And, Cape Cod's tourism season peaks when the Virgin Island's season is tapering off.

Meanwhile, Bajan Broadcasters Balk at Hiring Heidi...whilst Jamaica Jams with Bombay's Bollywood.

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