Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Dca: To the highest bidder!

PM Skerrit does not agree with statements being made that we are selling our votes to Japan for nothing. He says the money will come based on friendship. Source: DBS Radio
Work on the new Dominica Grammar School building, funded by the PR of China, is expected to begin soon. Already the old Citrus Processing building close to the present school is being torn down in preparation as part of Phase I. Source: Marpin TV News
PM Skerrit announced today that govt will soon appoint a non resident ambassador to Japan. He says this is due to the economic climate on the island. He thinks it is a step in the right direction as it shows commitment to and support for Japan. Source: DBS Radio
When Skerritt is done with Dominica, who will own the country and its citizens? To whose tune will Dominicans be dancing when Skerritt is done forming alliances based on the willingness to pay? If the Saudis were to offer to build schools, would Skerritt consent to that, too?


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