Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Ja: Jamaica a failed state?

THE DELIVERY of justice in Jamaica has gone awry, awfully awry. When the people no longer have trust and confidence in the capability of the police to deal with the escalating problem of crime, or the Office of the DPP to prosecute all cases in a vigorous and forthright manner, or depend on the court system to adjudicate cases on a timely basis, we are approaching a point in which the rule of law will be discarded.

When a state consistently fails to deliver justice, it is a failed state. The cry for justice resonates even louder today than ever before. 'We want justice' is now the constant wail everywhere. But, can the citizens rely on the agencies of the state to deliver justice? Ask the residents in most of the inner city communities if they look to the criminal justice system for redress or for wrongdoers to get their just deserts? When things go wrong, they bear the burden and move on.


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