Tuesday, April 13, 2004

St. Kts: Just take away his gun

Public concerns have been raised following the "accidental" shooting, which occurred in the vicinity of the Governor's residence on Sunday evening.

At about minutes past the hour of 10, Constable Keith Pemberton, who was on duty, at the Governors residence, reportedly, accidentally shot himself in his right instep.

Information divulged to the SUN indicated that the incident occurred while a submachine gun was strapped to his back in an angled position. Reports further stated that a total of four rounds of ammunition were discharged from the weapon, however, the officer was only struck by one round.
Members of the public have expressed their concern over the incident.

Harris stated, "The bullet that struck the officer, could have easily injured a passer by."

"I don"t believe that someone would purposefully shoot himself. Therefore, I have to say that it was an accident and if it were so, then I am forced to believe that the possibility existed that the officer could accidentally shoot someone else. I think that the consequence of shooting someone else is far more serious than accidentally shooting oneself. What would he have done if he shot someone else? I think that something should be done," a gentleman who described himself as "Jones' expressed emphatically.
Jones's logic is all wrong. He's forgotten suicides.


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