Monday, April 12, 2004

T&T: The ineffectual meet to delay decision

BRIDGETOWN-The Caribbean Community's relations with a post-Aristide Haiti will be the central issue at a meeting in New York tomorrow between top officials of the United Nations and the Caricom Secretariat.

What would normally have been a regular Caricom-UN meeting to review matters of mutual interest, has been extended to include officials from the Organisation of American States (OAS) to discuss possible joint activities in Haiti, the Sunday Express was informed yesterday.

Participating in the meeting will be the UN's Under-Secretary General for Peace-Keeping Operations, Jean-Marie Guehenao, Caricom Secretary General Edwin Carrington, and Assistant Secretary General of the OAS, Luigi Einaudi.

There are reports of conflicting positions between officials of the UN's Political Affairs Department and those of its Department of Peace-Keeping Operations, over the coordination of joint Caricom-OAS activities in Haiti.

But this is an issue yet to be appropriately brought to the attention of Community Heads of Government and a definitive position is not expected at tomorrow's meeting.
It never is.


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