Sunday, May 30, 2004

Gya: To cut arse or not to cut arse

To answer the question, Guyana is planning to ask the inmates of the asylum.

As to what role the children are expected to play in deciding whether corporal punishment should be abolished or not, Ms Jagdeo said: “As always, we want to hear from the children. We want to know how they feel about being beaten, and to see what they propose as alternatives.”
Not every problem in the home or school can or should be solved with corporal punishment; however, neither should it be entirely omitted from the range of solutions available to parents and principals.

It's great to ask kids what they think about things; however, in the final analysis, they're better off being guided by adults than we are being guided by them. I don't imagine that any kid worthy of the name will argue for keeping corporal punishment, and it would be sheer folly for the government anywhere to listen to children in this regard.

If part of adult guidance comes with a proper cut arse, well, generations of us were subject to that when we were children, and it did us no harm.


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