Friday, June 25, 2004

Dca: Beautiful Dominica

Coral Gardens North (Dangleben's North): A shallow and colourful dive with large areas of coral.

Just south of Pt Guignard, this site is part of a large reef system made up of Dangleben's Pinnacles, Coral Gardens South and even L'Abym North. This site can have some strong currents but also can be extremely easy.

Starting in about 40 ft the reef drops gradually to the west and can be done on its own or as a drift to Danglebens. Large sponges, brilliant colour, and beds of finger coral, are the dominating elements of this reef system. Turtles are frequently sited and when the currents are just right large schools of horse-eyed jacks, sennet and various other fish congregate here. The end of the dive can be spent in about 40 ft watching the jawfish in the sand.   


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