Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Ja: “Cultural Heroes” of the Disapora to Come Home. Will Crime Wave Rollout?

The British government now lists approximately 600 “dubious idols” of the dancehall and reggae “dub” culture career criminals, for deportation back to Jamaica. Luckily the expulsion has been “suspended” at the request of the Jamaican government, fearing the “potential to destablise that Caribbean nation.”

Why doesn't Jamaica want these “Yardies” and “posses” back? Three reasons: insufficient jail space in the island's jails, the baleful influence the “graduates of the U.S. and U.K. “universities of crime,” i.e., their prison systems, and the potential strain on the constabulary as these people will require constant surveillance. Thus, although these are Jamaican citizens, the official message is: “Keep the criminals who violated your laws.” It's not by chance that Britain is Europe's most violent country!

Four thousand of these “graduates” returned in 2003. Could this be the reason for the recent “crime wave?”

Read the rest at http://www.barbadosadvocate.com/NewViewNewsleft.cfm?Record=17949


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