Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Ja: Latorture is a con man

That's how the editorialist wraps up his piece.

It's a decent enough piece of work that is thoroughly tilted against Latortue. The writer is quite properly demanding accountability of the interim Haitian leader. However, I can't help wondering if he demanded the same of Aristide.

The editorialist's position is that Latortue's failure to institute democratic reforms immediately should prevent his administration from being recognized by Caricom and Haiti from being regarded as a "member in good standing." Yet, Haiti was a member in good standing under Aristide -- however, only one Caribbean leader attended Haitian independence celebrations in 2002 because of doubts about the legality of his re-election. Yet, Aristide still sat at the table with the other heads of Caricom.

The writer closes his piece by demanding that Latortue "must not be allowed to get away with any three-card tricks." Only three-card trick I know is the con man game three-card monte.


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