Monday, June 28, 2004

TT: Biased down to the bone

Unable to deal with the chaos that ensued, and having given the terrorists an open arena for slaughtering American troops, they are now not only anxious to clear out but are earnesly soliciting the assistance of the UN and other countries after contemptuously dismissing UN and world-wide opposition to their ill-conceived invasion. While our hearts go out to the Iraqi people, we are doubtful whether the “sovereignty” their interim government will soon assume would make any difference, at least in the near future.The invasion and resultant agony of their country has only served to increase the bitterness and hatred among radical elements of the Islamic world for the United States and, it seems to us, the violence and instability will continue as long as there is a US presence or a perception of continuing US influence in Iraq’s affairs.

The abuse and torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, with the suspicion that it resulted from US policy after the September 11 bombing, has also served to fuel this hatred. It is likely to take a long time, several years perhaps, for Iraq to fully recover from the disaster of George Bush’s war; the country itself is divided among several different groups harbouring traditional suspicions and with some having aspirations of hegemony or self government. In this context the process of achieving a viable democracy will be a serious challenge. Inspite of George Bush, the world would wish them well.
The editorialist must get his news from the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, the UK Guardian or some such outfit. If not, then he must have a dog in this fight, and nothing the U.S. does in an Islamic country will change his deep and abiding hatred of GWB and the U.S.

Sometimes, it's like that.


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