Friday, June 25, 2004

TT: Clueless in TT

Here's a sample from the Express editorialist.

Clearly, the best solution to the growing crisis in Iraq is for the Americans to pull out completely while giving way to a United Nations military and civilian presence that will seek to promote Iraq's political and economic development.

The plain and simple truth is while the handing over of formal political power to the Iraqis is an improvement on the situation where foreign overlords simply called all the shots, there is no likelihood post-June 30 that there will be anything but more upheaval and mayhem in Iraq.

There is also the perception in Iraq, especially among those opposed to foreign troops on Iraqi soil, that the new interim government is simply a tool of the American administration.

So what we are looking at down the road in Iraq is more, not less violence.

As for the insurgents, it remains to be seen whether they are just disgruntled supporters of the former regime or simply Iraqis incensed enough by foreign troops on their soil to battle on in spite of the odds against them.


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