Friday, June 25, 2004

Ja: Good ol' fashioned Jamaican work ethic wins out

REPRESENTATIVES of Breakers International, a five-star hotel in Palm Beach, Miami, Florida, this week interviewed Jamaicans to fill 70 jobs at the company.

More than 200 applicants were expected to be interviewed for the several positions, which include jobs for cooks and housekeepers.

Breakers International in 2002 recruited 90 Jamaicans to work for the first time and last year employed 170 workers.

At the same time, Denise Boder, one of the four managers of the 500-room hotel, who arrived in the island Monday, expressed satisfaction with the Jamaican Overseas Employment Programme which is run by labour ministry.

"The recruits provide work of the highest quality on a sustained basis," she said.

Horace Dalley, the labour minister, said that the positive responses from US hotels' management showed that the training programmes for hotel workers has been successful.
And they speak English, too.


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