Friday, June 25, 2004

Gya: Luncheon says Gajraj death squad allegations investigation will continue


DESPITE the demise of self-confessed informant George Bacchus, the government intends to proceed with the Commission of Inquiry into allegations of involvement of the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Ronald Gajraj with a so-called death squad.

At his weekly press briefing yesterday, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon reiterated the government’s commitment to proceed with the inquiry.

Responding to a query on how the killing of Bacchus would restrict the investigations by the Commission of Inquiry, he replied: “‚Ķfrom the statement and concerns and the information that flowed over the period since his (Bacchus) revelations, I would want to believe there still exists a considerable amount of information, and definitely a commitment of the government and the (Opposition) PNCR to get to the root of the matter.”

Gajraj has denied allegations by Bacchus and Opposition groups that he was involved in the death squad blamed for the killing of several known dangerous criminals and has offered to go on leave to allow an impartial investigation into the claims.


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