Friday, June 18, 2004

TT: Twelve years for bugger

A young Barbadian cadet who came  here on an exchange visit was indecently assaulted and buggered by a corporal of the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force (TTCF). Cpl Wilfred Alexander of the TTCF, who was found guilty of the offences,  lost his appeal yesterday, and  the Court of Appeal affirmed his 12-year sentence. However, their lordships — Justice Roger Hamel-Smith, Justice Stanley John and Justice Ivor Archie, ordered that the sentence continue from date of conviction — November 3, 2003, and not from yesterday as is the norm. 

The boy, 15 years old at the time and a member of the Barbados Cadet Corps had come to  Tucker Valley Youth Camp at Chaguaramas in July 2000. The Court noted that it was because of  Alexander’s position of authority and position of trust, and the fact that it was such a young visitor, he should have exercised a level of restraint. He abused his authority, said Justice John. At the appeal yesterday, special prosecutor Devan Rampersad argued the case for the State and Dawn Mohan for Alexander. The facts of the matter were that on July 26, 2000, at about 7 pm whilst attending to chores in the bandroom, the Bajan cadet was approached by Alexander, whom he had seen before at band rehearsals. There was a brief conversation whereby Alexander asked the boy to be a pen pal and they exchanged addresses. However, when the boy was leaving the room, Alexander, who was standing in the doorway grabbed the boy’s penis. The boy pushed Alexander away and went to his room crying. He sat on his bed and prayed.

A short time later, Alexander came into the bedroom and went to a nearby cupboard and appeared to be fidgeting. When Alexander turned around his penis was out of his pants and erect. He approached the boy, grabbed hold of his neck and pushed him back on the bed. Alexander demanded the boy perform oral sex on him. The boy refused. He then instructed the boy to pull down his pants and with force, pushed his penis into the boy’s anus. This lasted for about 90 seconds. The boy, in pain, pleaded with Alexander to stop but to no avail. It was only the sounds of footsteps that caused Alexander to stop and eventually leave. The boy subsequently complained to a superior officer and on July 31, reported the matter to the police. Alexander was charged with indecent assault  and buggery.
Sounds like Alexander has pulled this stunt before. Pity his sentence wasn't consecutive.

Cadets are a paramilitary group that's in the middle ground between scouting and the military. It's the organization of choice for young men who desire the military life, especially since the TT Defence Force is so hard to get into.


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