Sunday, June 20, 2004

U.S.: Saudis surround AGAIN!

Oh, no! Fox is reporting that Saudi forces have surrounded a house in Riyadh. I think they're practising the fine art of the surround. They've not quite yet got it; maybe they never will; maybe there's no Arabic word for 'surround.' Whatever it is, those whom Saudi security forces 'surround' always manage to escape; security always knows where they are; and the terror thugs always manage to kill the hapless Westerner, usually an American, that they've kidnapped before the Saudi forces "get" them ... without the surround.

Maybe Math teachers don't instruct Saudi students in the geometry of a circle or something. Whatever it is, I think the 'surround' does not work in the Dark Kingdom because Saudis believe that the perimeter of a circle does not close.


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