Wednesday, June 23, 2004

U.S.: All aboard! Ship ahoy!

Look who's on board the U.S.S. Freedom Ticket!

Fed up of being regarded as an affirmative action baby? Tired of being condescended to? Ired by politicians who won't give you rational reasons to vote for their policies? Want a government that can get the hell out of your way and leave you and your business to thrive? Want good schools for your kids in which they get grades the old-fashioned way?

Hear the words of someone who wants all these things and knows where he can get them.:

LaRon Bennett Sr., a black businessman from Glynn County who is running as a Republican for county commission, said Democrats "used fear and intimidation to keep blacks in the party, painting the picture that, in essence, they were the only alternative. You don't have any place to go."

In the Republican Party, "there's a great willingness and eagerness to have good, solid, sound minority candidates," Bennett said.
Come on aboard the U.S.S. Freedom Ticket. Captain: George W. Bush. First Mate: Dick Cheney.


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