Monday, June 21, 2004

U.S.: Oh, crap! Bush didn't lie!!!

So says this article, "Iraqi officer in Al Qaeda, papers show," in today's WaTimes.

There is much consternation amongst the liberal riff-raff and the unwashed hoi polloi this morning, not just across the fruited plain, but from sea to shining sea -- Atlantic to Pacific. It would be terrific if they'd offer up deeply repentant mea culpas; however, since I like to breathe, I'll pass on the breath holding game.

In the WaTimes article, ex-Navy Secretary and 9/11 Commissioner John Lehman asserts that one of Saddam's Fedayeen belonged to the group of terrorists who perpetrated the 9/11 atrocity (Now that was truly an atrocity!). This information, indicated Lehman, has been gleaned from documents acquired in Baghdad since the ousting of super-thug Saddam.

Hyper-partisan Richard Ben-Veniste, who tried to screw over Condi Rice when she appeared at the 9/11 hearings -- I'm still feasting at the memory of how she dished him! -- is chomping at the bit to see the intelligence. One can only hope that Ben-Veniste has recovered his amour propre and some measure of objectivity that he might be able to peruse the evidence dispassionately and help to formulate a final report that is actually worth something to somebody. Who knows, perhaps the bitch-slapping Condi so publicly and sweetly handed him might have helped him to come to his senses.

Read the article. The links have not yet been confirmed cuz they're attempting to find out if the name they've got, Shakir, actually references one of Saddam's lickspittle terror thugs.

The thing is, Saddam's bad-ass bureacrats kept great files. If there was a Shakir in Baghdad doing business with Al Qaeda at Salman Pak and elsewhere, and he was in the files then it means that Saddam had to have known of it and approved. If he did not, Shakir would be sleeping with the camel spiders right now. That his name comes up in the records means that he had some utility for Saddam; now it appe


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